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Water Moods

            I¬†often visit Oak Creek Canyon in the summer to dip my feet in the creek at Ensinoso¬†Falls. Because Oak Creek is spring fed, its waters are always breath-stoppingly cold, a welcome refreshment on a summer’s day! This year because of the Slide Fire, all of Oak Creek Canyon is…

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West Fork, Oak Creek Canyon, R.I.P.

                      Rest in peace, West Fork, Oak Creek Canyon


Slide Fire Arizona Smog

Charles Dickens in his novels of Victorian England used to speak of thick, foul miasma of air that stung the nose and burned the eyes. We had that here yesterday as an inversion layer crowded the smoke to the earth, grounding the air support helicopters and spotter planes. I attended a community meeting in Sedona…


Slide Rock Arizona Fire Loss

  I’ve lived in Arizona for over 50 years, and for most of that time Oak Creek Canyon has been my haven. I rode down the switchbacks in my girlfriend’s boyfriend’s ’57 Thunderbird, when it was brand new and we were, too. I had my Senior High ditch day at Slide Rock. I swam naked…