Nothing is fixed in life’s changing pattern
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Nothing is fixed in life’s changing pattern

Life at its best is a flowing, changing process in which nothing is fixed. ~ Carl Rogers The San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona were formed from the jagged edges of a volcano that exploded many thousands of years ago. The Peaks rise to an elevation of over twelve thousand feet and are large enough…

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Seasons of Change

We deal with change all the time. Day changes into night. Our body changes from hungry to full. Seasons change. But if the cycle is predictable in many ways it may be comforting. Change can be, in the wider scheme of things like fractals. The farther away is your perspective, the more the overall pattern…


Change of scene

I have been working hard all week, packing boxes for the local Humane Society thrift shop. My sister suggested weekends were for fun, too, so yesterday I drove north to visit the sunflowers of Northern Arizona. These sunflowers¬†provide¬† stability for me. For fifty years, they have always bloomed out on Fort Valley Road north of…