Silence in West Fork


Book 5, Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series

How far would you go to protect a loved one? Would you tamper with evidence? Commit arson? Allow a prime suspect to remain at large?

Pegasus Quincy and her former partner, Shepherd Malone, have some difficult choices ahead when Shep’s daughter is caught with a murder weapon in her hand.

It doesn’t help when the detective on the case has problems of his own. When he applies to the sheriff’s department, he conveniently forgets to mention that he was terminated from his previous position under a cloud of fraud.

He must solve this case and move on before he is discovered. And Thorn Malone complicates matters when she slips from custody and disappears on the Navajo Reservation.

Join Pegasus Quincy as she battles between head and heart to solve the murder of Jill Rustaine, a high-tech executive with murderous secrets of her own.

The most exciting Verde Valley mystery yet, Silence in West Fork!

Book 5 of the Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series.