Pegasus Quincy is a rookie cop on temporary assignment in Mingus, Arizona. She has a Navajo-Italian, computer-hacking assistant called Ben Yazzie and a safe-cracking grandfather, HT Tewksbury.  In the second book of the series, she acquires a partner, Shepherd Malone, who is the bane of her existence.

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Death in Copper Town, a Pegasus Quincy Mystery


The first novel is called Death in Copper Town and concerns the death of one Druce Kevern. Kevern was a con man who finally ran up against the wrong mark. As Peg gets closer to finding his killer, she herself is threatened!

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Blood in Tavasci Marsh


Book 2 in the series, Blood in Tavasci Marsh, introduces the Nettle clan. The patriarch Cal is found floating in the marsh, and the family is not telling. Peg gets way too fond of this family that harbors a murderer.

This title is available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback versions.

NEW! Blood in Tavasci Marsh now available in Audiobook format!






Book 3 of the series, Fire in Broken Water  follows Pegasus as she fights with her partner Shepherd Malone who is pursuing his own personal vendetta while a killer roams free. Peg takes justice into her own hands as she encounters a beautiful Friesian stallion, a Gypsy clan that may be the local drug connection, and a blackmailer who won’t call it quits.

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Peril In Silver Nightshade
In Book #4 of the series, Peril in Silver NightshadePegasus gets mixed up with a con who wants to scam her parents, a suicide that might be murder, and a stolen gun that is traceable to  a war Vet with PTSD. Murder is in the wind, and Peg must find the killer before her nemesis Chas Doon does!

The novel takes place in beautiful Red Rock State Park near Sedona, Arizona.

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Silence in West ForkIn Book #5, Silence in West Fork, Pegasus works against time to clear her former partner’s daughter from the charge of murder.

It doesn’t help that the detective on the case has secrets of his own, or that the victim is thoroughly disliked in the community. There are lots of suspects!

The mystery takes place in the beautiful West Fork tributary of Oak Creek Canyon and travels to the Navajo Reservation for its exciting climax.

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  1. Love your books about Jerome, I’ve spent many happy hours in the Verde Valley going back to the 60s when Jerome was almost a ghost town and Yarnell Hill wasn’t paved Keep on writing Thanks

  2. Thanks for your kind words! Most of the photographs you see in my blog posts I have taken over the years, so it is possible to combine art, photography and writing if you want to! Be well.

  3. I am always in awe of people who actually write a book and you have written so many. I hope you will be an inspiration to me as I keep threatening to finish my short stories and get them published! I happen to love detective procedural mysteries so this is right up my street… once I have made good on some promises I made to myself regarding my photography/art/writing I look forward to reading your novels.

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