Book Six: Malice in Tarnished Spaces

When Pegasus Quincy, sheriff’s deputy, steps into the leaky rowboat to investigate a murder at a mysterious artists’ colony, her troubles have just begun.

A new detective blames Peg when she gets snake bit. A friend gets caught in a drug raid and asks Peg’s assistance. Her new roomie monopolizes the kitchen, until Peg’s coonhound Reckless eats too many French macarons. And then there is the cat lady who accuses Peg of stealing a valuable painting. Surely Peg wouldn’t do that, would she?

Join Pegasus Quincy as she delves into the nefarious underworld of art auctions, mid-century masterpieces, and exclusive Scottsdale art galleries. The killer is there someplace, and Peg is determined to find them.

Just as soon as she fixes the boat.