Who is your favorite child?

When I was little, my mother was careful to treat all of us kids equally. She’d even count out the red jelly beans in our Easter baskets, so everyone got exactly the same number.

We’d ask her, “Who is your favorite child?” To which she’d reply, “I love you all the same.”

But we had our suspicions!


Blood in Tavasci MarshYou won’t catch me counting out red jelly beans, and if you asked, officially I’d say my favorite book is the one I’ve just finished–or the one lurking in a desk drawer unpublished–or maybe the one yet to be written.

But if you pushed me really hard, I might admit I have a special spot in my heart for this one, BLOOD IN TAVASCI MARSH. It has all the things I like in a mystery: puppies, moonshine, and a really sneaky family matriarch.

And now on special through Amazon, FREE eBook from 5/5 through 5/9/21, or, if you are a Kindle Unlimited fan, free all the time. 🙂 

AND FINALLY, I belong to a group of dedicated cozy mystery authors, and this month we are offering another special deal to Kindle Unlimited members. 

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Peg Quincy’s mother is an east Tennessee witch, with a talent for inventive mayhem when she is thwarted. When Peg leaves for Arizona and her new job as a rookie sheriff’s deputy, she discovers major roadblocks ahead, not to mention a gremlin or two.

The back route from Bumblebee Creek to Prescott does exist, and it is just as rugged as described. The Arizona desert in the summertime? Be prepared!


What the readers say about the PQ Mystery Series:

“The atmosphere and settings are artfully portrayed, and the main character, Deputy Pegasus Quincy, is unforgettable.”

“A fast read with engaging characters in a historic setting. Copper Town is my kind of place. Peg reminds me of Stephanie Plum, independent and cheeky.”

“The humor is wry, the mystery interesting, the twists clever.”

“Every now and then I find a character I want to follow around on the adventures life throws her way. Rookie Deputy Peg Quincy is one of them.”

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IF you are already a newsletter subscriber and haven’t gotten it, check your spam or promotions files. Outlook and Gmail are funny that way. Really, I’m one of the good guys! Tell your provider to add me to your “safe senders” list. 🙂

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Change to create balance

Have you ever watched a little kid learning to ride a bike, trying to keep the machine upright as they peddle carefully up the hill? They’ll tilt one way, then the other, making small adjustments to maintain their balance.

We are all like that little kid at times. Our lives, especially during this last year, have required digging deep inside, making changes in order to create the balance needed to move forward.

Where am I going with this?

I’m a writer. I communicate with my readers through my books and also through the back-and-forth of social media. For many years I’ve been a blogger, and this year I’m adding something new. I’ll be writing a monthly newsletter in which I’ll share what it is like to create mysteries in this post-pandemic world that we will be entering very, very soon.

The newsletter, starting the middle of January, will include behind-the-scenes peeks at my work in progress, quotations that keep me inspired, and book recommendations.

Newsletter subscribers will receive, free, a new Peg Quincy short story that will be released soon, and also info about a new cozy mystery series I’m designing. Just for the fun of it, from time to time I’ll add pictures of my two cats and recipes to amuse and entertain you. 

Please join me! Together we can create a dialogue on what creativity means to all of us.

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Stay well, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

A new Peg Quincy holiday short story!

It is always fun to be writing this time of year. It’s almost Christmas!

This season I dived behind the scenes to give you some backstory on Shepherd Malone and how he got the curmudgeon face he sometimes shows to the world.

Shepherd, Peg’s old partner, is retired and feeling a little sorry for himself. He’s spending Christmas alone since his daughter Sheryl is with her mother. And it’s snowing. And the blinking light on his window decorations is driving him crazy.

Besides that, Shepherd is planning on the purchase of a very expensive German Shepherd puppy.

What could possibly go wrong?

Join me as we follow Shepherd through three days of confusion and misdirection in this heart-warming story of the holiday season.

Order here from Amazon now!

Fireworks Friday

A week from today, on Friday, May 8th, the sixth book of the Pegasus Quincy mystery series, Malice in Tarnished Spaces, will be released.

And it’s on pre-order status at Amazon, right now. A cause for celebration!

I’ll be sharing more about how this book was created later in the week.


And, what I wanted to share with you right now is that in honor of the new book launch, ALL of the current Pegasus Quincy mysteries are on sale or FREE starting Friday, May first!

Death in Copper Town and Silence in West Fork are both free.

The middle three books: Blood on Tavasci Marsh, Fire in Broken Water, and Peril in Silver Nightshade are on Amazon countdown specials, starting Friday, May 1st for only 99 cents each.

Come celebrate with me as the next Pegasus Quincy mystery enters this brave new world of ours!

Malice in Tarnished Spaces – Cover Reveal

Peg Quincy is busy–way too busy. She has a new roommate, a new almost-boyfriend, and a dead body washed up on the creek side of an exclusive artists’ retreat. But she is up to the challenge. Or is she?

MALICE IN TARNISHED SPACES, the sixth Pegasus Quincy mystery, will be released in early Spring 2020.

Watch for it!

How to beat the turkey-feast food coma


There used to be a wonderful commercial for Pesto Bismol that had a poor being clutching his/her stomach moaning, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”

That’s me today. Thanksgiving was a wonderful feast with good food and good company. And I swear my IQ has dropped 30 points overnight, dealing with the onslaught of too much.

So what to do? I’m glad you asked!

Audiobooks to the rescue. They allow you to quietly sit in your most comfortable chair, tune out the world, and just veg. The perfect solution!

And, you can also listen in the snippets of time you have at the doctor’s office and waiting in the grocery line. In the car. On your phone.  I just discovered the other day, you can even listen to Audible audiobooks over your Alexa machine from Amazon. How cool is that?

What I have found is that listening to a book is to experience it like brand new. My readers are telling me that they are going back to the very beginning of the Pegasus Quincy world, and discovering it all over again.

I am excited to announce that Amy Otteson, a skilled professional narrator is narrating all five books (so far!) in the Pegasus Quincy mystery series. The first four books in the series are now available, and we are hoping to have the fifth one out by the end of the year. Amy has a gentle, easy-to-listen to voice that I hope you’ll agree is perfect for the series.

You can listening to a sample of the newest recording, PERIL IN SILVER NIGHTSHADE at the Amazon site here. Or go directly to the audible site, where you can also listen to a sample of the book recording here.

Then, if you’d like to listen to the whole book, you have several options: join Audible for a free 30 day trial. For a limited time only, they are ALSO offering a 53% discount for a three-month membership, too. What a deal!

Or, if you are already an Audible member, you can buy the book, of course. And I am delighted if you do. Or email me directly at lakota (at) lakotagrace.com and request a free promo code. I still have a few left and if one is available for the title you want, I’ll be glad to share it with you.

We are gearing up for the craziness of the holiday season. Take time for yourself as well as those who depend upon you.

Enjoy PERIL IN SILVER NIGHTSHADE and take a few deep breaths!


Three new ways to experience the Pegasus Quincy mysteries!

When pig-headed meets stubborn, life-changing disasters result. As Peg challenges her partner’s decision, a man dies, water wars erupt, and Peg’s own life is threatened.

Add to the mix a clan of gypsies, a beautiful black stallion, and a little girl who misses her daddy. Pegasus Quincy has her hands full!

And the three ways to experience the story? Here we go:

  1. You can get the eBook version of FIRE IN BROKEN WATER free this weekend, here.
  2. You can get the newly recorded AudioBook version FREE here. (If you already have an Audible membership, contact me via email at: lakota (at) lakotagrace.com or private message me on Facebook. I have a limited number of free promo codes still available.)
  3. AND try out Whispersync. You can start reading on your Kindle, switch to an Audible recording on your phone, and go right back to your Kindle without losing your place.

The magic of high tech. Whata deal!