A Rán Hollander Mystery, Book 1

When Rán Hollander’s sister calls with the news that their father had a tragic accident on Lake Michigan, Rán drops everything and returns to a small town that turned its back on her years earlier. Was the death an accident, a suicide, or something much worse? Rán goes undercover to discover what really happened.

Along the way, Rán discovers an intruder in her grandmother’s Victorian mansion who refuses to leave. It doesn’t help that his dog hates Rán’s huge calico cat, Murgatroyd. And don’t forget the so-not-engaged ring that almost ruins Rán’s life.

Join the Hollander clan, the divine town baker, the ghosts in the cemetery, and the man who ultimately captures Rán’s heart in this family mystery by the author of the Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series.