Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series, Book 3

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“Dispute in progress, lethal weapons involved.” 

Deputy Pegasus Quincy takes the call to resolve violence on a Friesian horse ranch in Arizona.
Intent on his own personal vendetta, partner Shepherd Malone refuses to declare a murder in a fatal fire at the ranch. Peg unwisely circumvents the law to investigate anyway.

Two families feuding over water rights, a Gypsy clan suspected of drug dealing, and a blackmailer on the loose, all lead Pegasus astray on her quest to find the killer in a desert mountain town beset by flash floods and arsenic-laced creeks.

When Peg refuses to stand down, the Water Wars turn deadly, and she becomes the ultimate target. Can she stop the killer before more lives are lost—including her own?

Enjoy this fast-paced thriller of the American West. “A page turner.” “Atmospheric”

Book 3 of the Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series