Just released! New cozy mystery series!

Lake Effect Murder book coverWhen you move to a new town people don’t know you yet, the slang and favorite restaurants are different, and you feel very much a stranger. But if you are patient, you come to love the unique pleasures the new town has to offer.

As an author, beginning a new series is like that. For example, Rán Hollander, like Peg Quincy, comes from law enforcement. She’s at the end of her law enforcement career, whereas Peg is at the beginning of hers.

They both live in rural towns that have fascinating histories and lively present-day cultures. However, Peg is a loner, and Rán comes from a pretty weird family that often looks to her for rescue. Peg is a dog person; Rán is owned by a large, persnickety cat.

But I have the feeling that if they met face to face, they’d recognize they’re kindred spirits. They might even grow to like each other. Maybe.

Here it is. My new baby, Lake Effect Murder. I hope YOU like it!

Cover Reveal — New Series!

I’m excited to reveal this cover and to announce the start of a new cozy mystery series!

Rán Hollander, recently retired homicide detective, returns to her hometown on the shores of Lake Michigan to investigate the suspicious death of her father.

She goes undercover at the local constable’s office. With the aid of her ditzy artist sister, one enormous calico cat, and a mysterious stranger living at her grandmother’s Victorian mansion, she works to solve the mystery. She must find the killer before they strike again!

Anticipating a release date in mid-summer.