Layers of water
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Layers of water

I’m sure there’s a scientific term for the refractions and reflections present in water, but to me those layers of water are endlessly fascinating. Whenever I get near a pond or a creek, my photographer’s fingers get itchy! Perhaps it is the paradox of something so clear and transparent being able to reflect light back…

Contrails in the sky
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Always present

They crisscross the sky like a gigantic tic-tac-toe game, the contrails of the jets that are too high to see, but there just the same. Because the Verde Valley is right on the fly way, we get traffic from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor to points west such as Los Angeles and points east such as Chicago….

The surf at Monterey, Californa
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The ebb and flow of the sea–and life

The late afternoon sun was about to set behind the mountains–can you see the shadows? But as I stood there watching, the surf on this rocky coast near Monterey, California had its own agenda. Endlessly the water attacked the rocks, foaming, rushing, churning. I love experiencing the ocean. It allows me to be still near…

Flowers holding up posts
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The power of gentleness

I took this photo at a remote Inn near Abiquiu because I loved the rich golden hues of the peeled cottonwood posts in the saturated New Mexican sunshine. But then the flowers drew my attention. Appearing fragile, they stretch out, holding the posts apart. I am reminded that life, in its very gentleness, can be…

Alive in the desert
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Alive and Well in the Desert

I have a fascination with lichen, perhaps because it is so tenacious and tough. It thrives where there are few nutrients, and in the desert, where there is little moisture as well. For example, notice this desert lichen, a little crackly about the edges, but still hanging in there. It is hard to predict where…

Picture of saguaro cactus
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Growing older, cactus style

Isn’t this a great saguaro cactus? I found it in one of the mountainous parks in the middle of Phoenix. One of the marvelous things about that burg is that there are SEVEN mountain peaks you can climb, right within city limits. I’ve been up most of them, and they can be a tough scramble….

Picture of double rainbow over Sedona, AZ
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In the Moon of Strawberries

What is interesting about double rainbows, like this one I caught over Sedona, Arizona, is that the second rainbow is reversed. It starts with red and progresses to violet on the other side. The second is also softer in hue, and very rare. They just don’t occur frequently. The second rainbow reminds me of quiet people, those…

cat in a bowl
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The Cat Magician

The platter was small. The ceramic was hard and unbalanced. But my friend, Mackie, knew this bowl would make a perfect nest. Who cared if it was hard? He has enough fur to line it himself. Who cared if it was tippy? A mere walk in the park for a determined cat with four sure feet…

rock on rickety bench
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A complement of opposites

Would the smooth pot shine as brightly without the dark roughness of the bench? Would the bench sit so solidly without the weight of the pot? Each needs the other to complete the whole, Yin and Yang. Perfectly complementing each other, perfectly balanced in their asymmetry. Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what…

fall leaves with snow
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Half and half

Wouldn’t it be nice if nature presented us seasons like the calendar does: On this day Fall begins. On this day, Winter arrives. But it doesn’t happen that way, of course. Some days she feels like warm weather and zephyr breezes. On others, she pouts behind fog and rain. And on some days she refuses…