fire hydrant traffic cop
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Halt, stop, cease and desist

I stopped to take a picture of this old fire hydrant because I was fascinated by the number of coats of paint covering it. I can see red, yellow, black and blue at least, maybe more. The hydrant’s been there a long time and I wonder if it’s ever been put to the test with…

sleeping cat
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When I sleeps, I sleeps

My cat Foxy can sleep anywhere. I, who must have darkness, a comfy bed, and absolute quiet, am very envious! I read the statistics about what sleep deprivation does to us as a nation. I’m convinced if we each got fifteen more minutes of sleep a day, the world would be a better place. I…

Squaring the circle
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Squaring the circle

Squaring the circle was an ancient Euclidean geometry problem that tried to construct a circle with the same area as a square. Mathematicians, being the type of people they are, thought this concept of perfection would be really cool to prove. Alas, it proved to be impossible. They spent countless hours over several centuries coming…

rock on rickety bench
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A complement of opposites

Would the smooth pot shine as brightly without the dark roughness of the bench?¬†Would the bench sit so solidly without the weight of the pot? Each needs the other to complete the whole, Yin and Yang.¬†Perfectly complementing each other, perfectly balanced in their asymmetry. Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what…

three roof lines
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All good things come in threes

I encountered these three roof lines in a historical district near the Phoenix Art Museum. They look alike, but are quite different. Each is painted a slightly variant shade of blue. The windows they shelter are different. The supporting posts are lodged at different points on the roof. The third bears a chimney and a…

Baby cloud
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Floating, floating, floating

I’ve always been a cloud fan, and my photo gallery is full of cloud pictures. This one is a favorite, because it reminds me of how fast time flies. It was about ten o’clock in the morning when this baby cloud popped up. One moment there was all blue sky and the next, there it…

Lake in New Hampshire
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Doing the hard thing

In the summer the sun rises early in New Hampshire. I knew there would be something to see if I set the alarm and rose to greet it. But I’d flown across country the day before and spent a good part of the evening catching up with family happenings. I didn’t want to get up….

Picture of kittens in the sunshine
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The kittens and the sunflowers

It was a western facing window in the afternoon. You can tell that by the sunflowers turning their faces toward the sun just as little Ellf was. Mac, on the other hand, was staring drowsily at the photographer, me. The two found comfort in the warm sun and in the closeness of each other. That…

red-roofed forest cottage
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Remaining Invisible

What a marvelous tiny house this was, hidden in the forest ferns! In my mind’s eye I miniaturized it like Alice in Wonderland, making it just the size for forest gnomes hiding among the rocks. I tried to spot them, patiently waiting for me to leave so they could go on about their daily business…

The spire at Castle Rock
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Falling into presence

There once was a flock of white doves that lived in the ledges at the top of the Spire of Castle Rock, near the Village of Oak Creek. Each morning I would watch them circle the spire once, twice, and then disappear into the sunlit clouds. I waited for them. Their gentle flight set my…