Booklist for the Pegasus Quincy Series:

Book One:

DEATH IN COPPER TOWN: Pegasus Quincy arrives in the small town of Mingus on temporary assignment as Deputy. When a man is found dead in an old mining pit, her duties suddenly shift to finding out who murdered him.

Book Two:

BLOOD IN TAVASCI MARSH: When an old man is found dead in Tavasci Marsh, Peg and her new partner, Shepherd Malone are sent to investigate. The family is a large one, and everyone: wife, mistress, children–have very good reasons to see him dead.

Book Three:

FIRE IN BROKEN WATER: Peg views the water wars of Arizona up close and personal when she almost drowns in a raging flash flood. When arson levels a stable at an expensive horse ranch, Peg must discover who set it–and killed the ranch manager in the process. And no one is talking.

Book Four:

PERIL IN SILVER NIGHTSHADE: Peg takes on a black-tailed rattlesnake in her duties as temporary security guard at Red Rock State Park near Sedona, Arizona. And then there is the suicide that might be a murder. And a mysterious backhoe digger named Wolf who is much too close for comfort. Is he murderer or lover, or both?

Book Five:

SILENCE IN WEST FORK: Shepherd Malone’s daughter is caught with a knife in her hand. Did she murder her boss or was she framed? And why, if she is innocent, does she flee where no one can find her?

Book Six:

MALICE IN TARNISHED SPACES: Join Pegasus Quincy as she delves into the nefarious underworld of art auctions, mid-century masterpieces, and exclusive Scottsdale art galleries. The killer is there someplace, and Peg is determined to find them.