Blood in Tavasci Marsh


Book 2, Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series

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“…I’d seen dead people before, but never a floater. The head hung below the surface of the water. One pant leg caught on a sharp branch protruding from a nearby beaver lodge, and the hands waved idly in the boat’s wake. My stomach clenched as we drew close.”

When Pegasus Quincy reports back to work after mandatory suspension for killing a crazed murderer, she hopes for some peace and quiet in her small town of Mingus. After all, the fall equinox and Halloween are approaching. Instead, she meets a new partner hostile to her way of doing things, and a dead body floating in a nearby marsh.

Then she encounters the Nettle family: an insanely jealous wife, a banished son, and a sister whose little girl has been traumatized by an explosion at the illicit family whiskey still. All have good reason to kill the patriarch and nobody’s talking. Peg is furious when her own life is threatened.

Somehow, she must discover who killed old man Nettle before it is too late!

Book Two of the Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series