Why listen to Audiobooks? I’m glad you asked.

With the explosion of podcasts, people sometime forget there is also a slow version of that world, recorded books!

You can listen in the snippets of time you have at the doctor’s office and waiting in the grocery line. In the car. On your phone. And, I just discovered the other day, even over your Alexa machine from Amazon. How cool is that?

What I have found, too, is that listening to a book is to experience it like brand new. My readers are reporting back to me that they are going back to the very beginning of the Pegasus Quincy world, and discovering it all over again.

If you are new to the world of audiobooks, I’m enclosing the Audible links for each book below. Click on it and you can listen to a sample for each of the Pegasus Quincy novels.

Then, if you are interested, you have several options: join Audible for a free 30 day trial. Or, if you are already an Audible member, you can buy the book, of course. And I am delighted if you do. Or contact me directly at lakota (at) lakotagrace.com and request a free promo code. I still have a few left and if one is available for the title you want, I’ll be glad to share it with you.

The first four books in the series are now available, and we are hoping to have the fifth one out by the end of the year. I am excited to announce that Amy Otteson, a skilled professional narrator is narrating all five books (so far!) in the Pegasus Quincy mystery series. She has an easy-to-listen to voice that I think you’ll agree is perfect for the series.

And with that preface, here they are!


Death in Copper Town Audible



Go back to where it all began. Rookie sheriff’s deputy Pegasus Quincy arrives in mining ghost town of Mingus, Arizona and is immediately embroiled in the death of a young man.

Did he fall? Was he pushed? No one seems to care, except Pegasus. She is determined to get answers to this tragic death!

This link will take you to the Audible book site, where you can listen to a free sample of DEATH IN COPPER TOWN.





Peg Quincy acquires a cranky, micro-managing new partner. And a dead body in the swamp. The patriarch of the Nettle family has drowned. Or was he murdered? Everybody is a suspect and nobody is talking.

Who killed him? The jealous wife? The pregnant mistress? Or perhaps the three surviving children, each with a good reason to do him in. It is up to Peg to untangle the family tragedy and close the case.

This link will take you to the Audible book site, where you can listen to a free sample of BLOOD IN TAVASCI MARSH.




Set in the beautiful Verde Valley, Peg encounters a deadly barn fire on a horse ranch. The dead man had too many secrets and too many enemies. And who is the driver of the red Porsche and why does Peg’s partner hate him so much?

And then it gets very personal very fast, as Peg’s own life is threatened.

This link will take you to the Audible book site, where you can listen to a free sample of FIRE IN BROKEN WATER!





Red Rock State Park is a small gem hidden from the hustle and bustle of the tourist thronging Sedona. Peg is working as a part-time park ranger, which promises to be a quiet gig. That is, until a dead body is encountered in a peaceful meadow.

Then Peg tangles with a con artiste who is determined to find her birth parents who in turn cons Rory, Peg’s friend into doing her bidding. Is the lady a murderer, or an innocent bystander? Peg is determined to find out, before it is too late for all of them.

Here is where you can listen to a free sample of PERIL IN SILVER NIGHTSHADE.