Who is your favorite child?

When I was little, my mother was careful to treat all of us kids equally. She’d even count out the red jelly beans in our Easter baskets, so everyone got exactly the same number.

We’d ask her, “Who is your favorite child?” To which she’d reply, “I love you all the same.”

But we had our suspicions!


Blood in Tavasci MarshYou won’t catch me counting out red jelly beans, and if you asked, officially I’d say my favorite book is the one I’ve just finished–or the one lurking in a desk drawer unpublished–or maybe the one yet to be written.

But if you pushed me really hard, I might admit I have a special spot in my heart for this one, BLOOD IN TAVASCI MARSH. It has all the things I like in a mystery: puppies, moonshine, and a really sneaky family matriarch.

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