bookstore safe
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Storing the precious

bookstore safe

Can you tell what this is?

A walk-in safe. In a used book store!

When I asked the owner about it, she explained the old building the bookstore now inhabited had originally been a bank. When the bank relocated, it had been too expensive to move the safe, so it had just been left behind.

When I asked her what she kept in there she shrugged. An umbrella. For when it rains. Extra paperclips and light bulbs.

If I had a hundred-year-old walk-in safe what would I keep in there?

My Yale edition of the complete Shakespeare plays, perhaps. Or the Bible I got for confirmation (which somehow in my moves over the years has disappeared.) Or the Winnie-the-Pooh I read to my child when she was young. Or DESERT SOLITAIRE by Ed Abbey that launched my love of nature conservancy.

I don’t think it would be paperclips and light bulbs!

When I use a word it means
just what I choose it to mean,
neither more or less.

~Lewis Carroll, author~


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  1. My husband works in a building that used to be a courthouse and jail, and for some reason, the jail had a huge, walk-in safe. Like the bookstore’s safe, this safe was too expensive to move. The engineers at work now use the safe as a Faraday cage.

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