longhorn cattle Western Legends Parada
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A cow with attitude

longhorn cattle Western Legends Parada

One year my cousin invited me to the Western Legends parade in Kanab, Utah. The highlight of the parade is a longhorn cattle drive down the main street of town. What was surprising to me was the abundance of baby cows along with the adults.

Apparently in the longhorn family tree, cows as well as steers wear the horns. When the herd is assembled for the parade, the babies are included, too, or the females refuse to come.

This one noticed I was taking pictures and paused to give me some attitude. I could almost hear her saying, “This far and no farther. My street. Mine!”

I never saw a purple cow.
I never hope to see one.
But I can tell you anyhow,
I’d rather see than be one.
~Frank Gelett Burgess~

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