Photo of blue red magenta yarn
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You can never have too much yarn

Photo of blue red magenta yarn

I’m a crocheter rather than a knitter, but this exuberant bundle caught my eye when I visited a yarn shop in Jerome, Arizona.

And then I realized if I bought it, I’d have to keep it that way forever, never made into a project. Because, can you imagining unraveling a piece of work if you made a mistake, say, eight inches down?

Some things are just not made for a do-over.

You know you knit too much when you put your computer keyboard on the floor while reading your daily emails so you can hit the space bar with your toe to scroll through them while knitting.
~Stephanie Pearl-McPhee~


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  1. Lakota, I love knitting and crochet and yarns are to me, what shoes and handbags are to others. Chuckling over here….it would bring joy to hold the yarn you have found and create something. I am away on Anglesey with my Mum and Dad (North Wales island) and yesterday in our exploring we found a little wool shop in a tiny fishing village, tucked on the side of someone’s home. I feel sure that we will go back today and see what wonderful discoveries await inside. Hugs for you. X

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