Picture of MAKING HISTORY by Bruce Polky

Book Review: Making History, a science fiction novel by Bruce Polky

Picture of MAKING HISTORY by Bruce PolkyI grew up reading Asimov and Heinlein, but haven’t delved into too much current science fiction. That may change.

I recently discovered this debut novel by Bruce Polky and I like it. It is a quiet novel that grew on me as I read it.

I liked this book because the characters were realistic, searching for answers in a diverse environment full of lies. The science is accurate and the plot points interesting.

How would living in solitary confinement for a year change you? How would it be to wake up from near death after a year in space physically feel like? How would you choose between knowing the truth or dying? Which would you choose?

The book left me with more questions than answers, and got me to thinking!

I look forward to more adventures with Dav and his sentient, emotional computer. (But you can leave out the mechanical cockroaches in the next one!)

A good read. I’d give it five stars for a first novel.

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