hats of the trade
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The hat makes the man…or the woman

hats of the trade

Once upon a time, a millionaire of immense wealth decided to retire from business. He built a huge estate and in one small room off his library he kept his hats of leisure: a boater for the concerts given on the Aeolian pipe organ in his billiards room, a jockey’s hat for riding along his bridle paths, and a pith helmet for building the elaborate network of trails to the top of every mountain (there were six) on his estate.

I live in a less formal time, and I’ve owned a different collection of hats. There was the small blue hat-with-a-veil that I wore to my own wedding. A black velvet mortar board (with a tassel of real gold) that I wore to my doctoral university graduation. A hiking Tilly hat that has seen most of Arizona. A gardening hat made of paper which, I understand, will melt when it rains.

The first two have disappeared into the mists of history. The last two I still have, but I keep a close eye when storm clouds gather overhead!

Every night before I turn out the lights to sleep,
I ask myself this question:
I done everything that I can…
Have I done enough?
~Lyndon B. Johnson~



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  1. What a lovely post, Lakota. I have one hat remaining, that my Dad bought me a few years back when we visited a steam fair together. We spent a good few happy hours in the tools tent, where I found some wood carving tools and stones to sharpen them on. One day…. <3

  2. I have three hats. One is a straw gardening hat that I only wear if I’m going to work or walk outside for a long time. It keeps my nose, ears, and neck from getting sunburned. Another is a knit winter hat. The last one is also a knit winter hat, but it’s Christmas themed, so I only wear it in December.

    A paper hat is a pretty neat idea. The way I sweat in the garden on muggy days, I don’t think it’d last on me, but it’d be great in a drier climate.

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