greeting card tools and techniques

Book Review: The Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques

greeting card tools and techniquesThe Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools Techniques
by Susan Pickering Rothamel
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The cool thing about creativity is that it generalizes and spreads like wet grass in a thunderstorm. It is more a mindset than it is a specific “I am talented in this one area” phenomenon. And that brings me to Susan Pickering Rothamel’s Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools Techniques.

Don’t let the mongo title fool you. This is a fun book, filled with bright ideas and amazing examples of the types of greeting cards you can make. Paper weaving, crayon resist, interference mica, quilling, lace paper, mizuhiki cord, ornare. The author spotlights talented artists and gives examples of their work.

She takes on complicated techniques like stamping and spritzing, working with vellum, and thermography.

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon engrossed in a seed catalog or the Sears Christmas Wish Book (remember those?) you’ll love perusing this glorious collection of possibilities.

Fun to read and dream. And even make a few cards to send. Who do you know that might appreciate one?

art of paper collageAlso recommended is her book, The Art of Paper Collage. In addition to being the founder and president of one of the largest art paper companies in the world, the author is a talented and creative artist in her own right. Why am I not surprised!

This second book showcases some of her extraordinary work and highlights how she did it.

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