Clouds over Black Canyon
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Above and below the clouds

Clouds over Black Canyon

Cloud edges in the desert appear sharper, because the air is dryer. A monsoon thunderhead can build in minutes, billowing thousands of feet into the air as you watch, and no two are alike.

A favorite cloud-watching spot of mine is Sunset Point, about an hour north of Phoenix. Here, the overlook vista plunges you thousands of feet to the tiny establishment of Bumblebee below, and then across the valley rises to the Bradshaw Mountains, home of a historic silver bonanza.

Life is surpassingly interesting, revealing, and awe-provoking when we show up for it whole heartedly and pay attention.
~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

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  1. Whenever my husband and I see streaks of light underneath clouds like that, we say, “God is talking to someone,” because that’s the image you always see on TV during one of those God-revealing moments in the plot. (Accompanied by a chorus of angelic voices, of course.)

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