hollow stump
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My heart’s not in it

hollow stump

You are perfect the way you are, and you need a little work.
Suzuki Roshi

I wondered about this Ponderosa pine stub. Usually when a tree hollows out, often by a lightning strike, it shows a scar on the outside, where the cambium layer has been breached. Here, the outside layer of the tree was perfect, but the center heartwood was missing.

What would it mean to be a person without a heart, standing tall, but dead inside like this tree, lacking a heart? I hope to never find out.

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  1. I’ve been poking around your blog. You are so philosophical and introspective, and you take pretty photos of your area!

    I think maybe a psychopath is a tall tree with dead center heartwood.

    1. Priscilla–thanks for your good words! You might be right about the psychopath definition. That’s a good one!

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