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West Fork, Oak Creek Canyon, R.I.P.

orchard vista


west fork reflections


rock wall


view from bridge




high cliffs water


cottonwood tree


cliffs with clouds


gravel beach




shadow rock reflections


bent trees

Rest in peace, West Fork, Oak Creek Canyon

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  1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. In the town meetings I’ve been to, they are assuring us there is still some ‘green’ left. However, they also say because of the danger, no one has been back to access the actual damage to the area. Keep your fingers crossed!

  2. Thanks for posting these photos of West Fork. They helped me remember how beautiful it was. Somehow I always took it for granted, with never a thought that it might burn. Now I wish I had appreciated it more, paid more attention to details, and savored them. West Fork (and all of Oak Creek Canyon) was such a rare and precious ecosystem for Arizona. What a tremendous loss!

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