Sunlight and shadow

With days longer, the sun comes up earlier and makes wonderful shadows.  But it easy to miss them.

Here is my cat, Foxy, enjoying the sunshine. But notice the shadow bar to the left and her silhouette against the wall:

cat silhouette shadow sunshine









A pillow on the porch couch gives a good imitation of a sunrise, with a nice spray of foliage to the right:

red pillow in the sun and shadow
red pillow sunrise

A windchime is dappled with shadows against the screen:

mobile against screen with shadow


Not a catprint! An image of a mobile against the brick wall:

cat print shadow against wall

The screen creates a filter for a spider plant:

spider plant shadow against screen

More sunshadow leaves:

sunshadow prints against the screen

Boston fern against the wall:


Crepe myrtle outside the porch:


Can you spot the windchime now?

black and white shadows

Our eyes instinctively seek color and sharp focus. But the soft beauty of shadow is also waiting for us.

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