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Yesterday I drove past the local supermarket and the kids with the hoses were out. You know the ones. The girls with the short-shorts and the hand lettered signs. The whole class had turned out for this one–eighth graders with parent-moms in charge.

They had the guys doing the initial hose down, spraying themselves and the girls on the other side of the car with abandon–some water actually hit the car.

Then you drove a little farther and the soapers took over. Big sponges, heavy duty scrubbers, really putting some muscle in it. A couple of step ladders so they could reach the top–these are eighth grades, remember, still getting their tall on.

A rinse down, and then the towel work. They had a big blue tarp set up to air dry the towels, but with the cars coming hot and heavy, the towels didn’t get a chance to lose much moisture. Two girls, one on either side of the windshield, moving that towel back and forth like they were polishing the toe of a boot.

Then the finish. Hand polishing the mirrors, with bottles of windex in one hand and (damp) paper towels in the other.

They were hard workers, but cheerful, enjoying the spring sunshine and the chance to play in the water.

I smiled as I reached the end of the line and doubled the donation I had planned to give. A great way to start a weekend; I felt energized for the rest of the day.

Maybe we all need to approach work like the kids with the hoses.

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