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When Rán Hollander returns home to investigate her father’s death, everybody has a different theory: Her mother insists it was an accident. Her brother says suicide. Her sister thinks it was murder.

Rán’s own life is threatened as she comes much too close to the truth.

Join Rán Hollander, small-town Michigan’s newest investigative consultant, as she scrambles to solve the case of a lifetime!

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Peg Quincy’s mother is an east Tennessee witch, with a talent for inventive mayhem when she is thwarted. When Peg leaves for Arizona and her new job as a rookie sheriff’s deputy, she discovers major roadblocks ahead, not to mention a gremlin or two.

The back route from Bumblebee Creek to Prescott does exist, and it is just as rugged as described. The Arizona desert in the summertime? Be prepared!

The Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series

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What the readers say about the PQ Mystery Series:

“The atmosphere and settings are artfully portrayed, and the main character, Deputy Pegasus Quincy, is unforgettable.”

“A fast read with engaging characters in a historic setting. Copper Town is my kind of place. Peg reminds me of Stephanie Plum, independent and cheeky.”

“The humor is wry, the mystery interesting, the twists clever.”

“Every now and then I find a character I want to follow around on the adventures life throws her way. Rookie Deputy Peg Quincy is one of them.”

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