Mystery Series

Peg Quincy is a rookie cop on assignment in Mingus, Arizona. She has a part-Navajo, part-Italian, all nerd assistant called Ben Yazzie and a supervising partner, Shepherd Malone, who is the bane of her existence., Lakota Grace, mining town, arizona

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The first novel is called Death in Copper Town and concerns the death of one Druce Kevern. Kevern was a con man who finally ran up against the wrong mark. As Peg gets closer to finding his killer, she herself is put in danger.

The second novel, Tangled in Tavasci Marsh, introduces the Nettle clan. The patriarch Cal is found floating in the marsh, and the family is not telling. Peg gets way too fond of this family that harbors a murderer.

Both novels are in progress, and can be followed at:




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