Going FREE on Amazon

Pegasus Quinn mystery series, Death in Copper TownAs an Indie author, I wear a lot of hats. Not only did I write the book, but then I had to learn about ePubs and Mobi formatting and hard-copy edit, e.g., does the title or the author come first on the spine?

I’m now at the stage where Amazon says, you can offer your book FREE for five days, any five days during the next 90. Now why, you ask, would any self-respecting author do that? And the answer is that a quotation that I’m particularly fond of, “There is no free lunch,” does not apply to bread on the water. You just have to bring your own peanut butter.

I’m writing more books–the next in this mystery series will arrive in October this year. I’d like to give a few more folks a chance to sample the wares.

Therefore, my gift to you: Download the eBook version of DEATH IN COPPER TOWN, at no charge for the next three days, 7/12, 7/13, and 7/14.


Let me hear what you think!